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Axtschlag was founded from love to wood and barbecue. There is nothing better than production of goods from wood. It is the world which is full of beautiful smells and wonderful aesthetics. It is a great experience to stay in the Hickory forest and to observe the giants or enjoy the darkness of the Cedar forest in a day time. At the same time working with wood is also a great responsibility – sustaining the forest. We are aware of this responsibility. Therefore we obtain it only from the sustainable forestry.

Axtschlag produces premium quality products for smoking. The philosophy of the company is production of ecologic and additives free smoking wood. The transparency of all the working steps has the highest priority. All the wood sorts are hand-picked. The offered products are 100% pure, without any additives or impurities. The products are mainly hand-made, because we want to offer our customers the product of the highest quality. Furthermore, we contribute to the conscious forestry with our strict supplier criteria.