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Tomatoes a`la Caprese

Geplankte Tomaten Geplankte Tomaten

At the beginning the wood plank should be soaked in lukewarm water for at least 60 minutes .

Wash, cut and fill the tomatoes. For the safe standing, the bases of the tomatoes are cut. The inside of the hollowed tomatoes are coated with some pesto and then the mozzarella. Pesto is then again sprinkled on top of the mozzarella balls.

The plank should be preheated over the direct heat until it slightly begins to smolder. Then pull the plank onto  the indirect heat, place the prepared tomatoes and grill them for about 10 minutes with the lid closed.

Additional Info

  • Ingredients: 1 small bowl of tomatoes, 1 pack of mini mozzarella, 1 x Pesto alla Genovese; also: 1x Wood Plank
  • Materials: closed grill system