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Dry Aged Entrecôte

Dry Aged Entrecôte Dry Aged Entrecôte

At the beginning the wood plank should be soaked in whiskey for 6 hours and then the grill should get ready for the indirect heating!

Season the steaks with salt-chilli flakes; place them on the hot grill! The steaks should be grilled no more than 2 minutes on each side! In parallel, the plank is also heated over the fire.

Now turn the plank, place steaks on it and continue to cook with the lid closed until the ideal core temperature of 53 ° C has been reached!

Additional Info

  • Ingredients: 2x 400 g beef steaks, Single Malt Whisky, chilli-salt flakes; additionally: 1x Wood Plank Red Cedar
  • Materials: closed grill system