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Filled Paprika

Filled Paprika Filled Paprika

First, soak 500g of the Wood Chips for at least 60 minutes in water! Mix the ground beef with sweet mustard, salt and pepper and as well as onion and feta cubes.

Halve the paprika lengthwise, remove seeds and wash!

Then fill the halves evenly with the ground beef mixture. Take the wood chips from the water, drain them, put them on the baking dish and place the filled paprika directly on the wood. 

Bake in a preheated oven for about 30 minutes.

Additional Info

  • Ingredients: Mini pepper, 400 g ground meat (pork / beef), 1 tablespoon of sweet mustard, salt, pepper, 100 g feta cheese, 1 small onion
  • Materials: 1 kg of Axtschlag Wood Chips, baking / casserole dish, convection oven