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Axtschlag Beef

Axtschlag Beef Axtschlag Beef

First, mix a marinade of honey and olive oil. Brush it onto the filetand let it sit at a room temperature for 30 minutes. Then using the preheated grill, cook the meat from each side for 4 minutes and move it into indirect heat!

Now it is time to begin the smoking process: place the steak into the indirect heat for about 10 minutes and let it sit in the smoke with a wood of your choice. For this, simply take 1-2 handfuls of presoaked wood chips and put them to the embers.

For a perfect steak, the core temperature should not exceed 55 ° C.


Additional Info

  • Ingredients: 350 g beef fillet, sea salt, coarse pepper, olive oil, forest honey
  • Materials: Wood Chips, Kettle grill