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Chicken Breast filled with Pulled Pork

Schweinefilet Schweinefilet

First, the "wood veneer" together with the accompanied natural fiber strings are soaked in lukewarm water for 10 minutes. The barbecue is prepared at a medium heat.

Wash and pat the chicken fillet. Then cut the side of the fillet, creating "a pocket" which will be filled with pulled pork. The chicken must be rolled together with the laid bacon, centered on the wood paper, rolled up and fixed with the string.

The whole roulade must be grilled over the direct heat from all sides for 10 minutes (smoldered wood causes a smoke flavor) and in the end the roulade should be placed in the indirect zone and cooked until the meat is ready.

Before cutting, the meat should be kept in rest for a few minutes!

Additional Info

  • Ingredients: 1 chicken breast fillet, 5-6 slices of bacon, a bit of Pulled Pork; additionally: 1-2 Cherry Wood Paper
  • Materials: closed grill system