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Crusty Pork in Hay Bed

Krustenbraten im Heubett Krustenbraten im Heubett
Udenheim BBQ

Remove the rind carefully, try not to cut the meat. Then the meat is placed for good two hours in beer before the rind is generously rubbed with salt. Cook in indirect heat in a preheated grill at about 180° C. for approx.  120 minutes until the core temperature of 67° C is reached. The cooking time depends on the type, quantity and weight of the food to be grilled.

It is not necessary to moisten the wood or the hay with water! Use the cooking tray in charcoal, kettle grill and in the closed gas grill with indirect heat or directly in the oven!

Additional Info

  • Ingredients: 1 pork loin (2.3 Kg), 1 bottle of white beer, salt
  • Materials: Grill or Oven