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Which aroma produces each wood sort?

Wood sort Aroma
Hickory Hickory – the classics of the American barbecue – generates a strong aromatic and spicy smoky flavor
Cherry Cherry wood – a versatile smoking wood for a very mild and fruity smoky flavor.
Apple Apple wood - a mild universal wood – the smoking color is gold-red, the taste is soft and fruity.
Walnut Walnut wood produces peppery and nutty smoking flavor. Especially recommended for the dark meat.
Alder Alder wood – the best friend of fish – gives your fish typical gold-brown smoking color.
Birch Birch wood – a noble, for a long-time left without due attention, smoking wood – gives mild and sweet smoky flavor.
Beech Beech wood – the most traditional smoking wood, gives a typical, not very strong smoky flavor.
Oak Oak – the smoking flavor is very solid and strong like the oak itself.
Plum Plum wood – is the strongest from the fruit woods  - gives a strong and fruity smoky flavor.
Wine Oak wood flavored with wine – for the culinary grill- and smoking experiences, gives your food  a noble wine–aroma.
Whisky Oak wood flavored with Whisky - for grandiose grill- and smoking experiences – presents your grill product the special Whiskey note  
Strong Beer Oak wood flavored with Beer - for malty grill- and smoking experiences – presents your food  the strong beer-flavor
Western Red Cedar The wood belongs to the most aromatic ones! It presents your food unique and special note.