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Klaus Grillt

Klaus grillt" provides you with information, tips, recipes and tutorials about grilling and BBQ via his very popular YouTube channel. In several years of cooperation with the popular grill-YouTuber we have created special offers for you. Among them an exclusive smoking chips mix, developed by Klaus grillt. Recipes and application videos from the YouTube star especially for Axtschlag® products can be found on the YouTube channel "Klaus grillt".


BBQ Pit is one of Germany's leading barbecue and BBQ magazines. For many years, Thorsten Brandenburg has been reporting on his website about barbecue recipes, barbecue and BBQ news, product tests and presentations, barbecue purchasing advice and is a guidebook for everything to do with BBQ and grilling.

BBQ Grill Corner

Our premium products for smoking and grilling can help you prepare almost anything! And not only that, you’ll be making food that tastes incredible. Prepare your own culinary creations using your choice of hearty meat, traditional flame-grilled salmon fillet, or deliciously roasted vegetables. You can prepare these culinary delights on your gas grill, charcoal grill, or on any other grill.
At the Axtschlag Grill Corner you can find:
- a selection of delicious BBQ recipes and grilling ideas
- helpful and versatile tips for use
Our application tips provide you with an overview of the correct use of premium products from Axtschlag. Are you curious to learn more about the advantages of the smoking cup, BBQ smoker box, bread baking pan, cutting board wood, or wood wool firelighters?
In addition, the Grill Corner provides information about the special flavours of each type of wood. Here you can learn which smoking wood is best suited to which food you want to grill. You’ll find answers to questions such as: Which aroma does the flame-grilled salmon board provide? Which smoking chips and which smoking sawdust create a spicy, smoky aroma? And finally: How do you flavour your barbecue? Are there any delicate barbecue spices? What kind of seasoning pairs well with flame-grilled salmon?
Explore the Grill Corner and unlock your culinary inspiration!

Latest recipes

Axtschlag® Beef Brisket

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Axtschlag® Crusty Pork

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Axtschlag® Smoky Burger

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Axtschlag Beef

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Do you want to work with an experienced company in the grill accessories sector? Axtschlag would like to offer you the opportunity to do so. Sell our popular premium wood products, smoking woods, and accessories related to grilling and smoking. Conquer a much sought-after and crisis-proof market for yourself and become an Axtschlag retailer.
At Axtschlag you will find innovative and sustainable products for barbecuing on gas grills, charcoal grills, and other barbecue equipment. Our top priority is creativity and the continuous development of our products. Customers will find everything their BBQ heart desires. Our flame-grilled salmon board, bread baking pan, cutting board, and smoking box are our long-standing “slow-burners” in sales. Our smoking chips, smoking sawdust, wood wool firelighters, smoker cup, grill paper, and barbecue spices are also very popular and will make sure that no grill remains cold.
We’ve been selling our products to small, medium-sized, and large companies for many years. Good cooperation, high quality standards, and satisfied customers are our top priorities. That’s how we’re able to maintain long-standing collaborations with many considerable enterprises.
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